Few things in life are…

Today is your lucky day!

It has been nearly a year and a half since the first route was published on Bike-a-Local.com and I can’t thank you all enough for the support and enthusiasm you showed by testing, purchasing, riding and sharing your pictures from these rides. I loved creating them, and then shooting off to find new avenues and alleys to check out.

Now, you can do the same without waiting for me to send you links! While I am over here in the US, snoozing away the night, you are up in the morning and trying to download routes so you can get out on the road on your trusty bikes. No more waiting. You can get out there, click a link, and pull the map up instantly!

All the links to the routes and their respective instructions are now available on each route page. https://bike-a-local.com/routes/
Just scroll through to see what interests you. The maps are also included so you can see where you’re going before you need to decide which one to choose.

Another really cool thing…
A little while back, Heidi and I created a ‘voice guided tour’ on the VoiceMap app for the Alexandra, Labrador and Sentosa ride. You can go to the app, purchase the tour (sorry, this one isn’t free) and put one earbud in, put your phone away, and listen to me tell you where to turn, when to stop and what you’re looking at all along the way. It is ‘free-ing’ in the way that you don’t have to keep looking at your map 😉.

I hope you are able to get out there and keep exploring Singapore, stay fit and SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT!!!

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