Sea eagles, monitor lizards, monkeys and more! Robin created a custom ride for me that took me out my front door  and on a beautiful 20km loop through Singapore that I didn’t even know was there. After 4 years wondering what was behind those trees off Holland Rd, I found out! What’s more, the trails connected me to parts of the city I thought I knew so well, yet I had no idea until this ride how conveniently they all connected. What a wonderful way to explore my new country and I never would have discovered it without her help.

Laura Dahan

Robin and Heidi’s passion for exploring Singapore on bike is evident in this must-have guide for all cycling enthusiasts. The website includes overviews of bike routes ranging from easy to challenging in a variety of places and of varying lengths.  The site is easy to follow, with clear instructions and makes Singapore’s nearly 500km of cycling paths accessible to all.  To boot – the additional details of hidden landmarks and Singaporean history add the perfect combination of intrigue and adventure to exercise. We always looks forward to embarking on one of Robin & Heidi’s well curated cycling trips – they are the perfect combination of aspirational and doable!

Neha Patel

I was stuck in a cycling rut and Robin came up with an exciting route right from my doorstep that had a little bit of everything. A really great ride!

Jenny Carne

Robin has an amazing depth of knowledge of the bike paths all over Singapore. I don’t love scary bike situations and she took a great route that had lots to look at – historical sites, nature and hidden history – and I felt comfortable the entire time. We even made it to Sentosa which was amazing!

Joanna Whitley

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