I’m not going to talk your ear off about safety but when riding these routes, the RESPONSIBILITY IS YOURS to maintain safe cycling habits. In Singapore, bicycles are still controversial with drivers as to who gets priority, so to save your own life and to make a good name for all cyclists, PLEASE SHARE THE ROAD AND TRAILS RESPONSIBLY.


Be PREDICTABLE! If drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists can predict your next move, you are much less likely to end up in a conflict.

Get familiar with hand-signals (see below) so that others can predict your next move.

If you or your riding partners are riding unpredictably (ie. swerving around drainage grates, not staying to one side of a lane or the other, etc), then the risk of getting hit is much higher.


Look up! Be aware of your surroundings and if the terrain makes this challenging, slow down. Make sure your site distance matches your speed. For example, if you are riding through Clark Quay or other very busy, pedestrian-oriented areas, you will need to slow down to keep from colliding with people stepping out in front of you. You may need to dismount.
However, if you are riding out near the airport or Kranji, you can speed up as long as you can see enough ahead of yourself to be able to stop if necessary.


When arriving at an intersection, always check for traffic, even if your riding partner(s) say it is clear. Do not cross unless it is safe to cross FOR YOU. Follow all traffic laws (yes, this means you’re supposed to stop at red lights), and WEAR A HELMET!

Road Traffic Act and Rules in Singapore

Bring plenty of water, a snack and enough cash to get a taxi home in case of emergencies.