Alexandra, Labrador Park and Sentosa Island

Ride#2: Alexandra Canal, Labrador Park and Sentosa Island

Difficulty Level:  Moderate

Route Start/End: anywhere along the loop, but if you’re bringing kids along it is nice to start along Alexandra Canal.

Route Length: 22km +/-

Terrain: Hilly

Route Comments: If you want a few hills, some mangroves (please ride quietly and respectfully on the mangrove boardwalk) some incredible views of Keppel Harbour and an energizing tour around Sentosa Island, this is your ride!

Caution: This route is a combination of PCNs, some actual bike-lanes and sidewalks. Caution is required at crossings.

Contact us with any questions or updates to the route.


By buying a Bike-A-Local DIY tour route, you (and anyone you are riding with) agree that is not liable for any loss/damage, injury, illness, accident, fatality, etc. that may occur during the ride.


Our routes have been carefully planned for maximum safety. We cycle mainly on PCNs (Park Connectors), alleyways, quiet streets and sidewalks. However in a big city like Singapore, it will be unavoidable for us to cross busy roads during the course of the rides.

Safety is our #1 priority. is a provider of self-guided route information. The purchaser using this information is expected to follow all safety cycling protocols and Singapore’s Cycling Code of Conduct


No refunds are provided for any of the routes purchased, however alternative routes can be exchanged.

Once purchase is made, we will forward a link to a Google MyMaps Route that you will be able to open on your phone through Google Drive as well as a Google Doc with instructions. You must have the Google Drive app loaded on your phone and have a Gmail account.

Ride #2: Alexandra, Labrador and Sentosa Island

Explorer DIY Route – Alexandra Labrador and Sentosa Island

SGD 8.00

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