Commit to the February Treasure Hunt!

Are you craving a challenge to get you through February while we wait for the world to open up?

Cycle 300km and ‘collect’ (take pictures of) 15 treasures around Singapore during the month of February.
That’s an average of 75km a week. You can do this!
If you need help getting to a treasure on your bike, check out the website for a route.

Nearly all of the treasures (several might be found in one ride!) are included in the routes. There are a few bonus ones you might come across or if you have any trouble, drop me a line and I’ll give you a hint!
If you’re the first one to complete the challenge, you’ll win the new book Secret Singapore by Heidi Sarna and Jerome Lim with lots of little known historical facts about places and landmarks throughout Singapore.
Available April 2021 ( Jonglez Publishing)
Credit: Heidi Sarna

Pay $25 to enter this informal Treasure Hunt and you will receive a Bike-a-Local Singapore T-shirt, some stickers to put on your water-bottle or share with friends, and a whole new appreciation for this little island we live on!
Have fun with this, and let me know if you have any questions! Looking forward to seeing you out on your bike.

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