East Coast Park, Changi Pt, Pasir Ris and Tampines

Ride #11 – East Coast Park, Changi Pt, Pasir Ris and Tampines

Difficulty Level:  Difficult

Route Start/End: East Coast Park, Carpark G near National Sailing Center; or anywhere along the loop.
Alternatively, if you need to rent a bike you can rent from CoastlineLeisure near Carpark E2 and start from there (about 2.75km from the start).

Route Length: 40km +/-

Terrain: Flat but get ready for some possible headwinds. The route is almost entirely on PCNs.

Route Comments: This ride tests your endurance!  But the instructions are organized so that you get the long hot stretches out of the way before you get too tired.  Once you get to Changi Pt, you really start having fun and you have already checked off a great workout!  Alternatively, you can start anywhere along the route and go in either direction.  Some people may want to get the active interesting portions that need more attention done first so that when they’re tired, they just need to get around the airport, no directions necessary.  Either way, it is a good solid ride.

Caution: This route is a combination of PCNs and sidewalks and a couple of side streets in industrial areas. Caution is required at crossings.

Click the map image to open the Google MyMaps Route in Google Drive.

The Google My Map is linked here and the Instructions (in a Google Doc) are linked here.

Contact us with any questions or updates to the route.

Email: BikeaLocalRobin@gmail.com


By downloading a Bike-A-Local DIY tour route, you (and anyone you are riding with) agree that Bike-A-Local.com is not liable for any loss/damage, injury, illness, accident, fatality, etc. that may occur during the ride.


Our routes have been carefully planned for maximum safety. We cycle mainly on PCNs (Park Connectors), alleyways, quiet streets and sidewalks. However in a big city like Singapore, it will be unavoidable for us to cross busy roads during the course of the rides.

Safety is our #1 priority. Bike-a-Local.com is a provider of self-guided route information. The user of this information is expected to follow all safety cycling protocols and Singapore’s Cycling Code of Conduct https://bike-a-local.com/safety/.

Once purchase is made, we will forward a link to a Google MyMaps Route that you will be able to open on your phone through Google Drive as well as a Google Doc with instructions. You must have the Google Drive app loaded on your phone and have a Gmail account.

Ride #11: East Coast Park, Changi Pt. Pasir Ris and Tampines

Explorer DIY Route

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