Secret Pedals DIY Routes

What are Secret Pedals DIY Routes?

There are places in Singapore you probably never even knew existed, much less seen with your own eyes. Explore the secret side of Singapore from the seat of a bicycle. The Secret Pedals Routes connect the dots of various little-known, forgotten and/or “secret” heritage and cultural sites and places along PCNs (Singapore’s Park Connector Network), sidewalks and quiet back streets. Check them out at your own pace and linger where you see fit. Explore our Secret Pedals DIY Routes any day, any time, rain or shine.

The route instructions include points along the way that will punctuate your ride with a handful of highlights from the book Secret Singapore by Heidi Sarna and Jerome Lim, published by Jonglez Publishing.

Purchase a link to a Google My Maps route (and supplemental written instructions and Secret Singapore highlights) that you load onto your phone through the Google Drive app. Follow the route via Google Maps on your bicycle, exploring as you will, stopping wherever you’d like, detouring as desired or to avoid construction closures, and hop back onto the route at your own pace.

Secret Pedals DIY Route: S$8
Secret Pedals DIY Routes

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