Triple Quarries

3 really is the Magic Number!

Ride #14 – Triple Quarries

Difficulty Level:  Strenuous, with many hills!

Route Start/End:  For this 3-in-1 ride, you can start anywhere along the loop but one potential way to ride this route is to break it up into two loops. You can park in the carpark at Bukit Batok Nature Park and go north or south. I have the instructions beginning at Buona Vista MRT/StarVista because I like the cadence of the ride this way — the warm-up of the Green Corridor and neighborhood before hitting the hills.

Route Length: 

  • Southern Portion: 24km ±;
  • Northern Portion: 26km ±;
  • Entire combined Loop: 50km±

Terrain: This route includes some challenging hills and is not for the faint of heart. It follows some quiet streets, lots of PCNs, and some sidewalks to navigate one way traffic in the opposite direction.

Route Comments:  I love this ride because it feels like a real accomplishment when you’re finished!
First of all, you get a serious hill workout…for Singapore anyway. Yes, there are other hills in Singapore, but this route combines some good steep ones to get your legs burning and your heart pumping. The good news is they don’t go on forever.

Secondly, it includes some Green Corridor (none of the routes have done that yet), which is a lovely, quiet, natural-feeling pathway on the former rail line between Malaysia and Tanjong Pagar Train Station. It is a  bit  choppy at the moment due to construction work stoppages from COVID-19, so you have to get on and off in several places, but some day, it will continue relatively uninterrupted. For now we take what we can get.

Thirdly, this cool ride can actually be split into three rides — do half one day, the other half another and the whole loop when you’re game. 

Finally, and this is the best part, you get to see 3 quarries! These quarries make you forget you’re in Singapore. They’re all breathtaking and awe-inspiring so get on your bike for a ‘staycation’ to somewhere you’ve never been!

Caution: This route is a mix of PCNs, roads, sidewalks and pathways, please be respectful of pedestrians and vehicles by ringing your bell and observing all traffic rules and regulations.

Once purchase is made, we will forward a link to a Google MyMaps Route that you will be able to open on your phone through Google Drive as well as a Google Doc with instructions. You must have the Google Drive app loaded on your phone and have a Gmail account.

Ride #14: Triple Quarries

Explorer DIY Route


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