Secret Pedals: YYC Murals-Part 2

Ride #16 – Yip Yew Chong Mural Ride – Part 2

Difficulty Level:  Easy to Moderate – flat and short but busy with traffic of all kinds

Route Start/End: The instructions for this ride begin in front of the Ministry of Comms & Information — Old Hill Street Police Station (Singapore River and Hill St).
If you would like to do both parts of the Yip Yew Chong Mural Rides, there is a line on the Google My Maps route that shows a comfortable riding link between the two parts. 

Route Length: approx 11 km (2+ hours with all the stops and starts)

Terrain: Mostly flat with some busy sidewalks, some PCNs and several busy road/street crossings.

Route Comments: Continue the YYC Mural Ride Part 1 with this route through Armenian Street, Waterloo, Little India, Lavender, the Arab Quarter and Kampong Glam. You’ll see lots of murals by so many different artists as well as more of those by Yip Yew Chong. Do this ride independently or combine it with the Part 1 ride for a full sensory overload! There are interesting cafes, beautiful architecture and backstreet treasures along this route. Please remember that this is a city ride that includes lots of stops and starts, tight turns and busy sidewalks. By design, it’s definitely a slow “stop and smell the roses” kind of ride and requires street savvy alertness. (Note from Part 1 ride: Singapore’s street art story is a bit more nuanced than you might think. Here’s a good article from CNA chronicling its evolution from the 1990s.)
Come join us on this fun, busy and sensory trip through downtown Singapore.

Caution: This route is primarily busy sidewalks and lots of street crossings. Please alert fellow pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles to your presence by ringing your bell and being patient, respectful and predictable with your movements.

Click the map image to open the Google MyMaps Route in Google Drive.

The Google My Map is linked here and the Instructions (in a Google Doc) are linked here.

Contact us with any questions or updates to the route.



By downloading a Bike-A-Local DIY tour route, you (and anyone you are riding with) agree that is not liable for any loss/damage, injury, illness, accident, fatality, etc. that may occur during the ride.


Our routes have been carefully planned for maximum safety. We cycle mainly on PCNs (Park Connectors), alleyways, quiet streets and sidewalks. However in a big city like Singapore, it will be unavoidable for us to cross busy roads during the course of the rides.

Safety is our #1 priority. is a provider of self-guided route information. The user of this information is expected to follow all safety cycling protocols and Singapore’s Cycling Code of Conduct

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