Custom DIY Routes

What are Custom DIY Routes?

Consider yourself royalty and let us build your own personal route for you. You can ride the route whenever you’re ready, at your own pace, rain or shine!
Perhaps you have a hard time getting to the the start points of some of the other rides and are really ready to get outdoors (Circuit Breaker driving you stir crazy?) but you know you can’t get a lift to another part of the island so you really need to leave directly from your home.

When creating your ride we will consider:
  • Where you would like to start and end
  • How far you would like to go
  • Terrain you would like to ride (ie. PCNs, Greenway corridor, streets)
  • If you prefer nature or urban environments
  • If there is anything in particular you would like to check out.

With your purchase of a Custom DIY Route, you will receive a link to a Google My Maps route (and supplemental written instructions) that you load onto your phone through the Google Drive app. Follow the route via Google Maps on your bicycle, exploring as you will, stopping wherever you’d like, detouring as desired or to avoid construction closures, and hop back onto the route at your own pace.

Custom DIY Route: S$38

Custom Ride

Custom route based on your specific requirements and desires